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"I had the pleasure to work with many realtors in the last 15 years, but I have to say, Gabriela went the extra yard to help us. We wish there were professionals like her everywhere!"

- Andres (Home Buyer)

Gabriela Peraza

Languages: English, Spanish


Buying or selling your home can be a daunting task. This is why we love sitting down with you and running you through a plan that makes you feel comfortable every step of the way. Our process is simple: 

Start the conversation 

Le'ts chat! I want to know what is important to you so that I know how to help you best. I want to know your preferences and listen to your preferred time tables so we can come up with a plan that you feel good about.

Make a plan

After gathering the details and your particular situation, we come up with a plan that keeps in mind your budget, time tables, and specific situation so we can come up with a plan at a pace you are comfortable with.

Execute with care

I love taking you through the process as we both execute the steps that move you closer to your next home. Whether you are selling, buying or both, I try to make the process simple and clear every step of the way.

About Gabriela

With a background in business and finance, Gabriela's approach on working through real estate transactions is creative and intuitive. She is very organized, detail-oriented and willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients fully understand every stop of the process. Being a full time realtor, Gabriela has been praised for her professionalism and expertise in guiding her clients and negotiating for the best interests of her clients. Outside of her work she spends most of her time reading and raising her toddler son! Gabriela really understands and fulfills the concepts of hard work and dedication as her drive and motivation derive from her family.

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